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Stock Concentrate Facts


How much broth will one container of concentrate make?

One 12 oz squeeze bottle of stock concentrate will make about 72 cups of stock.

What is the salt content of your concentrates?

The sodium content of the concentrates is 570mg sodium per 1 tsp. 

Are the broth concentrates gluten free?

Yes all Great Flavors® concentrates are gluten-free.

Are there any trans-fats in the stock concentrates?

No, there are no trans-fats.

Do the containers need to be refrigerated before opening?


What do I find the use by date?

The “Best if used by date” is on the back of the container jet ink printed right below the label directly on the bottle.

How long are they fresh after opening?

All Great Flavors® concentrates are fresh for up to 18 months after opening.

How much of the stock concentrate do I add to make a cup of liquid stock?

1 tsp of stock concentrate makes a cup (8 oz) of liquid stock.

Do your stock concentrates contain soy?

The concentrates contains soybeans and Soy is a derivative of soybeans so yes it does contain soy

Do your products contain MSG?

MSG is NOT added to our products; the only MSG present is that which occurs naturally in autolyzed yeast. Naturally occurring MSG can be present in Soy Sauce, yeast Extract and Hydrolyzed Corn Protein

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes, our packaging is made of recyclable plastic polypropylene (PP) #5.

Will there be other flavor concentrates in the future?

Yes, we will be adding Veal and Seafood concentrates in the near future.

Can Great Flavors® Concentrates be frozen?


How and where are Great Flavors® products made?

Great Flavors® uses a USDA and FDA Inspected Facility, Certified Organic by MCIA, with a complete HACCP and Vendor Approval Program, and Quality Control and Assurance Testing. 

Is vegetable concentrate vegetarian?

 The Vegetable concentrate can be considered vegetarian, or even vegan, because it contains no animal by-products.

How to make Gravy with Great Flavors Stock Concentrates

There are a few variations of how to prepare gravy. The most common is to mix one cup water, 1 heaping tablespoon cornstarch, about 2 tsp. concentrate and pour into an already heated pan. You can adjust the amount to concentrate depending on your preferred taste. Also, sometimes flour is used instead cornstarch.  For a sausage gravy, milk can be used in place of water.

 The video on GreatFlavors.com will give you another variation of how to prepare gravy beginning by heating equal amounts of butter & flour in a pan, then adding a mixture of 2 cups of water and 2 teaspoons of concentrate and heating until desired consistency. 

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