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Chicken Concentrate


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 Our Great Flavors® Chicken Concentrate is made from all natural chicken stock, and vegetables, slowly simmered for a robust chicken flavor with rich color.

Great Flavors® Chicken Concentrate dissolves quickly, easily and completely in hot water. Add a teaspoon per 4 ounces of your cooking liquids to create a rich savory foundation for your risotto, pasta, polenta, vegetables and other side dishes. Just a tablespoon of Great Flavors® Chicken Concentrate per cup can be used to make an instant pan sauce or creamy chicken gravy. For a hearty chicken broth or as a base for delicious homemade chicken stew or chicken pot pie, just add a tablespoon per cup of hot water.

Reduced sodium, No added MSG, Ready-to-Use, No preservatives, No additives, Shelf-stable for up to 18 months. No refrigeration needed even after opening.

Great Chefs at the finest restaurants around the world admit that the best culinary creations begin with a classic foundation sauce or stock. Without the flavor created by these bases, most dishes would bejust ordinary. All of the artistry and training a great chef uses in carefully browning, chopping, simmering, skimming, seasoning and reducing is reflected in the tiniest amount of Great Flavors® Concentrates. Our super-concentrated bases are classic, traditional and long-simmered and will allow you to create restaurant-quality dishes quickly and easily at home. Merely a tablespoon will transform an average dish into something delightfully gourmet, without the added high sodium content,preservatives or chemicals.Creating an authentic base is a difficult, laborious and time-consuming task, often taking even the finest chefs two days or more. Fortunately, Great Flavors® has done the work for you. Regardless of your culinary skill or experience, our products allow everyday cooks to create exquisite meals at home, just like the recipes found on menus at the best restaurants throughout the world. Our collection of authentic stocks and sauces gives everyone the tools to create a favorite meal at home, giving you the confidence to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary in an instant!

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